Over 70% of Delta Gamma Center’s annual budget depends on community support. As DGC’s largest fundraiser, Run for Sight is vital to funding critical services. Funds raised from Run for Sight are an investment in the future of our kids and our community.

Your support provides:

  • In-home educational and therapeutic services for children from birth through three years old
  • Group activities for school-age children to develop independence and social skills and engage in the community. Activities include tandem cycling, music, rock climbing, skiing, hiking, winter and summer challenge trips, and more
  • Family support services that help families struggling with issues related to their child’s visual impairment, as well as other challenges and needs for resources
  • Low vision evaluations for young children
  • Vision screenings for young children at higher risk and/or with limited access to vision services

Finding that their newborn baby had special needs came as a shock to Erin and Andy. When they learned that their son has a rare and complex genetic condition affecting his vision, hearing and more, Erin recalls being scared. She also remembers,

"DGC staff were the first people who actually came to the NICU. They saw Oliver and gave us a summary of what they could do for us.  We sat down and talked. With all the services DGC offered, we were sold!"

Today, nine years later, Oliver is growing and developing beyond what anyone believed he could and DGC is his “home-away-from home…it is just the best place ever!”


Delta Gamma Center's mission is to help children who are blind or visually impaired reach their full potential through family-centered, specialized services, and community support.

From the moment of diagnosis, the Delta Gamma Center provides life-changing services to help ensure children can reach their full potential. DGC is the only organization in the greater St. Louis area specializing in services for young children who are blind or visually impaired and their families.

Proceeds from Run for Sight provide educational, developmental, therapeutic, and recreational services to children from birth through high school, and their families, as they seek to live a life without limits from vision loss.

Usually taken for granted, 80-90% of learning occurs through vision, so much of learning occurs incidentally through observation of the people, places and actions around us.  As a result, children who are blind or visually impaired from birth or shortly thereafter have very unique learning needs.



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