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Our teams make Run for Sight what it is - DGC's biggest fundraiser. And with so many DGC kids' family teams, Run for Sight feels like a family reunion.

Anyone can create a team and make a difference for hundreds of kids with visual impairments. Engage your family, friends, coworkers, and community to support Delta Gamma Center.

There are many creative ways to raise money and build awareness for the cause. When you raise funds for Delta Gamma Center, you are supporting our mission to help children with visual impairments reach their full potential.


We are so grateful for supporters like the Icaza Family (Orlando, Michelle, Lucas, and Santi). Here is their story. 

Michelle and Santi at the Finish Line

"Close to 17 years ago, Santi and I were sharing a hospital room with a mom and her daughter. I can’t remember the specifics about why we were there, nor is that really important. However, what I do remember is having time to connect with this beautiful mother-daughter duo and sharing our stories in the early morning hours. She made me promise that I would contact the Delta Gamma Center.

Our first visit to the Delta Gamma Center was with Jo Russel Brown in 2004. She shed light and vision into our lives. She gave us hope that our Santi could see and that we could teach him to use his vision.

I will never forget the very first time he tracked light in a very dark closet! I will never forget the very first time he reached for an object! These moments of triumph are treasured. Santi taught us how to present the world to him. Likewise, Jo taught us how to educate others in presenting the world to him. This was a milestone in our perspective of having a son with visual impairment.

I like to compare these moments with seeing your child take the very first tiny step to walk. You want to record it and share it with everyone and encourage them to keep taking that step forward.

Our first Run For Sight included my family of four. I couldn’t record Santi’s first time seeing an object. But, I certainly could share our joy and story with our community, friends, and family. I did this in the form of a letter asking for support for the Delta Gamma Center’s Run for Sight. To my surprise, we received a lot of love on behalf of Santi and the DGC.

There were hundreds of families at the Run For Sight. It was amazing to see other families just like us! We decided to stay for the awards afterward. Sure enough, our names were called because we had won for family fundraising for DGC. At that time, my older son, Lucas, was 2.5 years old running around and having a great time and Santi was not even a year old.

Our family’s promise, on behalf of Santi, was to support the Run For Sight every year. We wanted to help DGC as much as we could. We have fun supporting the DGC and including family and friends and our community along our journey. Our letter to gain support in 2004 has evolved into themed community fundraisers on behalf of Team Santi. Our matching colored shirts have evolved into friends sporting the TEAM SANTI custom rainbow shirt and participating in the run or walk each year, our sponsors have grown and typically wait for us to contact them about the Run For Sight. Our older son, Lucas, serves a role in volunteering at most of the events and recruiting young volunteers to help."

For the love of sight, Michelle and the Icaza Family

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