Anyone can create a team and make a difference for hundreds of kids with visual impairments. Engage your family, friends, coworkers, and community to support Delta Gamma Center. Last year one of our teams had 82 members!

There are many creative ways to raise money and build awareness for the cause. The passion and dedication of past teams brightens our world! When you raise funds for Delta Gamma Center, you are helping us in our mission to help children with visual impairments reach their full potential.


We are so grateful for supporters like Sara Franco and her husband Brandon Franco, captains of the top fundraising team two years in a row, Team Reese Cup. “It’s absolutely our pleasure to give back whatever we can,” Sara said. Sara’s motivation and inspiration to fundraise is her eight-year-old daughter, Reese. “She’s just a rockstar,” Sara beams.

The family has received services from Delta Gamma Center since Reese was three months old. The Run for Sight event is a chance to come together in support of Reese and the organization. “Looking back and seeing hundreds and hundreds of people walking behind you and all the support for children who are visually impaired, it’s just very inspiring,” Sara said, “It makes you feel like you’re not alone.” Through events like Run for Sight and the Center’s family activities, parents like Sara and Brandon have a network that provides resources, relationships, and reassurance.

When asked for tips for fellow fundraisers, Sara encourages others to reach out to their employers to see if they are willing to do a matching program. She also advises fundraisers to try creative strategies. “Don’t be afraid to be creative and capitalize on whatever strengths or resources that you have,” Sara shared, “Don’t be afraid to reach out to people, you’d be surprised how generous people can actually be.”

Team Fundraising Incentives